Jayshawn Boyd Newark Jail Assault Video Viral On Social Media

WATCH: Jayshawn Boyd Newark Jail Assault Video Viral On Social Media: Jayshawn Boyd has been the sufferer of the extreme rampage which the inmates have inflicted upon him, he was a convicted felon having a historical past of psychological well being points, on twenty third September, his physique was initially rushed to the hospital on the College, the explanation was not clear till the video of his assault surfaced on the social media. Observe Extra Replace On GetIndiaNews.com

Jayshawn Boyd Newark

Jayshawn Boyd Newark Jail Assault Video Defined

Jayshawn obtained tortured by his cellmates, all of them ganged up on him they usually beat him till he was mendacity unconscious on the bottom, the brutality didn’t finish there, after this, they began hitting him with issues like microwave, trash can, push broom, simply no matter they might discover on the time to hit him with.

An officer witnessed the assault and was notified by the ground management, after this Jayshawn was instantly taken to the hospital the place he went right into a coma, he remained in a vegetative state on the time, he has died practically after a month of battling for his life.

WATCH: Jayshawn Boyd Newark Jail Assault Video

Prisoner Jayshawn Boyd’s video appears to be making a buzz everywhere in the web, the footage has been extracted from the CCTV surveillance of Essex County Correctional Facility, it appears to be greater than two minutes lengthy and it incorporates violent graphics, Boyd tried to flee from the grasp of his cellmates.

They gathered collectively on the time and began beating him up till he misplaced his senses, they had been hitting Boyd with all the things that they discovered on the time, they had been bashing his head with microwave, beverage dispenser, deck brush, and different heavy objects, an officer witnessed the riot they usually referred to as the controlling division.

It’s unknown how a lot time did they take to finish the struggle and take Jayshawn to the hospital, after the video obtained leaked to the general public, the general public appears to be enraged by the supervision of Essex County jail, they’re elevating their voice to offer Boyd Justice.

Jayshawn Boyd Newark Arrest Fees

As per NJ, Jayshawn Boyd obtained arrested on expenses of two separate altercations with the household, one of many fights included the involvement of kitchen knife, he was initially transferred from Essex County jail to a psychiatric hospital, Ann Klein, Jayshawn was launched in a while from the psychological facility, he was about to plead for the felony mischief on the time.

He failed to seem at his sentencing and was detained on a bench warrant, following this, he was once more despatched to the Essex County jail, the authorities put him in a harmful unit contained in the jail, he was affected by delusions and schizophrenia.

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