”We Would Hold President Buhari Responsible For The Blood Of Northerners Unlawfully Shed Through The Activities Of Kanu’

The Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) has warned that any attempt by President Buhari to launch Kanu exterior the courtroom docket processes would cut back Nigeria to a lawless state the place criminals commit crimes and ask their leaders to press for his or her launch.


In a press conference in Kano, the Coalition, which consists of rights and Civil organisations in Northern Nigeriia, expressed sturdy opposition to the discharge of Kanu saying President Buhari mustn’t intrude with the principles of seperation of powers and the independence of the judiciary and that Buhari might be held liable for the ”lives of Northerners killed by the actions of Kanu.”

“We significantly observe, with deep sense of concern,  the unrelenting  desperation by certain curiosity  groups throughout the South East to subvert the due technique of justice and tamper with the judicial processes since Kanu’s arraignment,” the group talked about.


The Coalition, by means of its spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman warned that the “North wouldn’t keep idle when its individuals are deliberately centered and killed whereas the alleged perpetrators are shielded by their leaders.”

It added that the North “would keep President Buhari liable for the blood of Northerners unlawfully shed by means of the actions of Kanu throughout the event he succumbed to pressure to launch the IPOB leader.”

 “The North has for the time being realised that he (Buhari) areas further premium on the pursuit of votes and political recognition than he does for the sanctity of lives of Northerners and security personnel who stake their lives throughout the service of the nation.”


The Coalition talked about the Igbo group that visited Buhari to ask for Kanu’s launch has vindicated its place that the authorized actions of Kanu was completely supported by the overwhelming majority of Igbo elders, politicians, religious leaders,  standard rulers, and folk of the South East.

The Coalition then requested for the arrest and prosecution of all these Igbo leaders involved in makes an try to free Kanu by subverting the course of justice.


Northern Elder, Tanko Yakasai (pictured excessive left), moreover warned President Buhari in opposition to interfering throughout the trial of the chief of IPOB, saying that releasing the IPOB chief would give the impression that ”revolt pays.”


Yakasai, in an interview with Day-to-day Photo voltaic, talked about

“The nation is having enjoyable with a harmonious relationship amongst its quite a few ethnic groups which may be affected if Kanu is launched.

“I’m moreover concerned that the delegation has the potential of giving the impression that the actions of Nnamdi Kanu and his group get pleasure from a widespread recognition amongst Igbo people, an impression which isn’t true” he talked about.


He talked about Nigerians had been residing in peace and harmony and that the secessionist demand in some areas was a reflection of the place of some and by no means the overwhelming majority of the people .


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